Flower wall

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

DSCN0429-marianna papagiannopoulou-the haute strawberry style blog-fashion blogger- long straight hair- flower wall- sandals and dress-  cheap sundresses- just for 5 pounds dresses- fall 2014 dresses
Finally yesterday I wore my new dress from Justfor5pounds.com and had some photos taken.

Nine items to make you feel like a princess

Thursday, 25 September 2014

JFFP dress and items set (10v
Have you guys watched the episode of Big Bang theory that Amy is mad with Sheldon and he buys her a tiara as a make up present and as soon as she sees the tiara she hugs him, put the tiara on and shouts "I'm a princess, I'm a princess!" like crazy? Well, that was pretty much my reaction yesterday when I got this dreamy, princess-like dress from JustFor5Pounds.com. But I couldn't help it; this dress is so beautiful.

Harem pants

Saturday, 20 September 2014

DSCN0197- roses - flowers- gift flowers - folwers for anniversary - marianna papagiannopoulou - the haute strawberry - fashion blog - personal style- lifestyle blog - harem pants- garden - fashion photography
I had this outfit in my mind for months and I planned to shoot it in Zakynthos during our summer holidays. But I was having such a good and careless time back then that I totally forgot about it.

When the sun is gone

Saturday, 13 September 2014

DSC_0020- marianna papagiannopoulou - the haute strawberry - lifestyle blog- personal style blog - dslr - casual street outfit - leather zara shorts - tbdress bag - cool way sneakers - platform sneakers - autumn style
Yesterday my friend Maria and I spent the entire afternoon chatting (well, gossiping is the exact word), eating sandwiches and drinking coffee in her balcony. We were talking for hours, even though I was there again a few days ago, and I lost track of time. It wasn't until sunset that I remembered I wanted to take outfit photos for the blog. She was more than willing to take photos but she doesn't know how to use the dslr and the photos are darker than they should and a bit blur. I'm sorry for that but I'll make it up to you next time with better photos. :P

That pretty babe

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Have you seen this pretty girl? That's Gisele; she is a swedish vallhund mix and, yes, she was named after the model. It was my sister's idea. She also bought her a dog collar with leopard prints on; thank god she is too big for it now. I think she looks much cuter in fluo pink. We have three dogs in total, but she is my favourite. I cannot take good photos of her though because she seems to be afraid of my dslr camera. Isn't she a beauty?


Thursday, 4 September 2014

DSC_0006- the haute strawberry - marianna papagiannopoulou - bangles - jewellery - jewelry - accessories - bracelets - golden - photography - style - personal style bloggers
My sister had these golden bangles for ages; they were a birthday gift from a friend but I never saw her wearing them. I think they were too boho for then style; for me on the other hand it was love at first site. They have those tiny bells on them that jingle in the most musical way. I remember I used to wear them and move my hand up and down like a bird just to hear the sound! Anyway, she was doing a wardrobe clean up the other day and she was giving away stuff she didn't want any more. So she gave them to me along with a Zara cocktail dress she only wore twice and a few more bracelets. I'll show you the dress another time. Now I'm too excited about the bangles. I like them a lot together with these snake print bangles for Accessorize. I'm wearing them while I'm writing to listen to the jingle-ing. :P

Welcoming fall

Monday, 1 September 2014

DSC_0003-marianana papagiannopoulou- the haute strawberry- fashion blog- personal style blog- lifestyle blog- fall- knit- knit dress- biker boots- sante boots- zara knit- blonde hair- blonde bloggers- garden- outfit post
It is officially the first day of fall and I thought I welcome it by taking out my biker boots and knits which I missed so so much! For some September is fashion week season, for me it's university exams season. So unfair, right? Right? Ugh, I just want exams to finish so that I can go to the beach again without feeling guilty about it. But I won't bother you will my whining about studying. Let's talk fashion!

Water slides

Thursday, 28 August 2014

DSCN0063-marianna papagiannopoulou-the haute strawberry- waterpark-neropolis- waterslides- bf- playtime- summer- photo diary- landscape- patra- greece- balcony- roadtrip-pool-pool time- water- sea- beach-
My boyfriend knows that I love theme parks, water parks and all this kind of places so when I asked him on Sunday morning if we could go to the nearest waterpark he immediately said yes. On Sunday afternoon we were there! Is he the best or what?

Pop of Yellow

Monday, 25 August 2014

DSC_0003-the haute strawberry- marianna papagiannopoulou-yellow top-colourblocking-outfits-street chic-golden necklace-vintage bag-ray ban sunglasses-denim shorts
During the summer months I like my outfits to be a little more playful that the usual black/beige/white combination. But after too many colour blocking experimentations I realized that wearing one piece in a bright colour combined with items in nude tones looks much better and more natural that mixing different colours in one outfit. Plus a pop of colour can transform a boring outfit like sandals and denim shorts to effortless street chic.

#instasummer #favourites #thehautestrawberry

Friday, 22 August 2014

IMG_20140822_095457 instagram, unseen, the haute strawberry, instasummer, instalove, favouriteIMG_20140816_111206instagram, unseen, the haute strawberry, instasummer, instalove, favouriteIMG_20140821_120548 instagram, unseen, the haute strawberry, instasummer, instalove, favouriteIMG_20140815_173903instagram, unseen, the haute strawberry, instasummer, instalove, favourite
1,2. boattrip to the Blue Caves, Zakynthos 3. scented candles 4. watermelon

My summer so far was full of colours, ice cream and lots of fun! I already begun studying for my university exams next month which means no more everyday swimming to the sea and less posts on the blog. Thank god the weather is getting colder day by day; that helps me stay at home and study. Here are some of my insta-favourites that remind me all the fun and crazy things I did this summer. And all the yummy food I ate of course! I hope you like them. You can find me on Instagram here.